23 Apr 2019
I was invited to give a speech on "Environmental Control in Agriculture" at the annual Agricultural Congress in Chengdu. The highest-ranking agriculture-academician in China Prof. Wang and the director of the renowned Agricultural Institute CAAS in Beijing Prof. Zhang have referred to me in their speeches. Great honour for me.

21 Nov 2016
                                      50th anniversary celebrations -
          Global Manufacturing & Industrialization Summit

Global Manufacturing & Industrialization Summit: "Industrial Revolution doesn’t have middle or end any more. Industrial Revolution has a beginning that never stops beginning." was my statement about technology revolution as a panellist for UNIDO's 50th anniversity summit. I gave an interview about impacts, technical and social, due to technology revolution.

19 Aug 2019
Very successful one week business trip to Swiss.
We didn't sink into the Limmat.

8 Feb 2019
Associate Partner of

From beginning of the new Chinese New Year I am Associate Partner of 
VIA-MOMENTUM. For my clients I am working as CEO and Interim-CEO
in Europe and Asia. Austria and China are my preferred areas.

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