Extensive experience with Chinese companies and people distinguishes Mr. Oeschlmueller. He has worked very successfully in China for Chinese and European companies. This allows Mr. Oeschlmueller, enterprises with Chinese owners a perfect cooperation between the cultures.

Mr. Oeschlmueller has in-depth executive management experience, including crisis management in both China and Europe, and has performed turnaround and restructurings for more than 30 years, guaranteeing a successful resolution for clients.

Mr. Oeschlmueller is half Austrian and half German. He studied mechanical engineering and IT at the Vienna University of Technology. Mr. Oeschlmueller was a lecturer and worked for the Austrian Federal Government in consulting for SMEs. He founded his first start-up in 1988 and worked in Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia), Europe (Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland), and the USA (California, Nevada).

Mr. Oeschlmueller jogs 5 km and trains "Muay Thai" regularly, and has fun with snowboarding.

Mr. Oeschlmueller jogs nearly every day 5km, trains Muay Thai, and enjoys snowboarding regularly.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

                                                             - Socrates (470/469 – 399 BC)

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